Who We Are   

SCCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cycling for recreation, events (centuries / double centuries / Death Ride / and more) or racing. We are, open to riders of all ages and abilities.  Our members ride road, mountain, track and cross !

Why We're Different

We ARE different. This is a club that prides itself on what it gives BACK to cycling. Additionally no one gets dropped, and we wait for flats on our club ride. This is NOT a club with an attitude.

When Do We Ride?

Road - 8:30am every Saturday morning, the start location may vary depending on the route (see ride schedule). We usually leave from Cupertino Bike Shop (10625 South Foothill Boulevard, near the intersection of Foothill and McClellan) and / or Rancho 76 Gas Station corner of Foothill Expressway and Magdalena in Los Altos. Usual ride is from 40 to 60 miles. Helmets Required.

What Are The Benefits?

There are lots of benefits to joining SCCC both to the bottom line and your depth as a rider. Collectively our club has a tremendous amount of cycling experience. Some of our members have over 10+ years of NorCal racing under their belts. As one of our members puts it, "We're a good bunch of lads." In terms of the bottom line, some of the benefits we offer are:

        Discounts on products sold by our sponsors. Check our sponsors page

        Special product deals. In the past these have included Power bars, inner tubes, water bottles, tires, special clothing and helmet deals, you name it.

        Pizza and beer at the meetings!    

How do I join?

The simple answer is fill out the membership application and mail it in. If you want to find out more about the club I urge you to come on out on a few club rides.  If need to email us - michel_courtoy@yahoo.com or Phone Michel at 408-887-1880.