Thanks for checking out the Sunnyvale Cupertino Cycling Club, a nonprofit cycling club dedicated to promoting safe enjoyment of cycling. We are open to riders of all ages and abilities. We are different — we are a club that prides itself on giving back to cycling. We have two ride options, moderate paced “yellow” rides which are longer with more climbing, and easier paced “pink” rides.

Whichever your preference, come ride with us on a Saturday morning soon!

Benefits of Joining Us

Besides getting you out onto our beautiful Northern California roads and breathing the fresh air, getting the endorphin rush that comes with healthy exercise, there are several other benefits of joining SCCC.
  • Collectively, our club has a tremendous amount of cycling experience to share. Some of our members have over 10 years of racing under their belts, in Northern California and elsewhere.
  • Our sponsors offer exclusive discounts to SCCC members on their products and services.
  • Unique camaraderie, fun meetings involving pizza and beverages.

To join us, download our PDF membership application and follow the instructions on the form for submission and payment.

About Us

SCCC was originally the Sunnyvale Cupertino Competitive Cycling Club. Even very seasoned Silicon Valley cyclists are often not aware that we’ve been around close to 25 years and were the originators of the Spectrum ride that is today still one of the largest, fastest group rides every Saturday (9 AM at Homestead and Hollenbeck). In our early days, a significant number of our members were heavily involved in racing, some at the then USCF (now USA Cycling) Category 1 and 2 levels, and some even competing at the national level. Continue reading “About Us”



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