Yellow rides meet at 8:30 AM every Saturday morning at the Cupertino Bike Shop, 10625 South Foothill Boulevard, near the intersection of Foothill and McClellan. If we’re going north, we pickup some riders at 8:45 AM at the Rancho 76 gas station in the Rancho Los Altos shopping center, at the corner of Foothill and Magdalena in Los Altos. If we’re going south, the start times are reversed. Most rides are around 40 – 60 miles and 2,000 – 5,000 ft of elevation gain. The pace varies among the folks who show up but we always regroup at the top of the climbs — no one gets dropped or has to deal with a flat all on their own.

Pink rides meet at 9:30 AM most Saturday mornings at the Rancho 76 gas station. If it’s raining, the event is canceled. If it’s under 50 degrees at 9AM, the event is canceled or moved to a later time. Rides will begin at 20 – 25 miles duration and build up through the season. Rides are at an easy pace with multiple re-group points to ensure the group stays together. Primarily social and fun!

Century rides are published for information only. If you plan on attending an external century ride, let other club members know so those who are attending can ride together, carpool together, etc.

Please note that helmets are required on all rides and good cycling etiquette is practiced.